Zoom Studios to venture into B2B space by creating original content for OTT platforms

MUMBAI: Times Network-owned entertainment channel Zoom’s original content arm The Zoom Studios is planning to create original content for over the top (OTT) platforms in its second year.

The Zoom Studios has completed one year and has registered over 80 million views and 1 million+ subscribers on its YouTube channel and Facebook page. Its four original shows have clocked 414.8 million minutes of total watch time.

The content creation entity is eyeing 100% growth and a 200% increase in the subscriber base in the coming year with the launch of six new originals. It will also launch second seasons of existing shows.

One of the new original show is ‘Holiday’ which is a rollercoaster journey of 4 friends and their crazy holiday in Bali. The four originals created by The Zoom Studios include ‘The Reunion… Jab They Met Again’, ‘Ready 2 Mingle’, ‘Imperfect’, and ‘Mom & Co.’

Talking about the plans for the second year, Times Network President – Revenue Nikhil Gandhi said, “We want to branch out into two different sets under Zoom Studios. Currently, we are following the B2C model where we are going after consumers and viewers directly. We are also looking at the B2B side where we create content for OTT platforms.”

Gandhi noted that there is a great amount of appetite for content consumption in the OTT space. “We have inked very big deals with prominent OTT players for three shows and that should happen over the next 24 months. That is a great sign of success on the B2B side. Zoom Studios is going to have two different legs- one is B2C side and the other is B2B side.”

The Zoom Studios is venturing into original content for third-party platforms since it was approached by OTT players for the same. The content studio will either retain the IP or co-own it with the OTT platforms. “That essentially gave us the idea of launching B2B division, which will focus on building content for other OTT players, content platform whether it is a broadcaster or YouTube channel.”

He also said that there is interest among international players for the shows commissioned by The Zoom Studios. “In terms of syndication, we don’t want to do the deal for a single show. We are waiting to create six odd shows at least, and then it makes sense to give the full package. Right now, we are under process and that should happen very soon. There is one deal which is happening in the US and two deals in South East Asia.”

Gandhi also said that The Zoom Studios has the advantage of being part of a big network. It follows a windowing strategy by first putting the content on digital following by a broadcast on Zoom.

“One of the advantages we have, unlike any other YouTube channel, is that we also have a TV channel that gives us the extra leverage. So the kind of deal that we do is 3, 4 or 5x of any other TV channel does. And the brand under the Zoom umbrella is the added advantage,” he stated.

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