ZEEL to roll-out innovation centres worldwide including US, UK

MUMBAI: Media conglomerate Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) has rolled out innovation centres worldwide, giving Fortune 500 companies first access to a transformative technology called 5S (Five Senses) that empowers content creators to craft media using all five human senses.

“What we have today is a flat media world. Whether it’s watching Netflix or YouTube, it’s just two-dimensional video and audio,” said Essel Group CEO for International Business Amit Goenka. “Imagine devices that not only capture visual and audio but also the smell of flowers in a field, the feeling of wind, the taste of just-picked strawberries. And then play it back to consumers. That’s 5S technology, and it’s the future of media.”

Zee, a global media and entertainment powerhouse, anticipates opening centres in San Francisco and the United Kingdom this year, following the recent launch of a center in Hyderabad, India. The company plans to establish centers across the year in cities with strong technology sectors.

The first phase of Zee Entertainment’s 5S technology rollout is geared towards industry partners, including content creators, brands, media companies, telecommunications companies, hardware manufacturers and even educational institutions. The goal: working closely with industry partners to explore and harness the platform’s myriad tools and possibilities for the sake of powerful results.

Eventually, Zee Entertainment envisions widespread adoption of the 5S platform in most industries. But it won’t be just large companies that utilize 5S; consumers, too, will explore 5s tools just as they do today with photography, video, audio, and web development. For both consumers and industry, 5S will utterly transform and enrich media experiences.

Among other things, the technology, which honors Vedic culture’s reverence for the power of the senses, will offer immersive entertainment, gaming, e-commerce, and educational experiences.

The concept of “platform” is essential for understanding 5S. It’s not just hardware, software or both simultaneously. It’s more a broad suite of tools and technologies that people use for relatively simple tasks as well as enormously complex challenges.

Eventually, as companies and entrepreneurs unearth fresh 5S uses and applications, it will merge with the lifestyles and desires of everyday consumers. Zee believes its evolution will follow a path similar to the Internet: developed by engineers and scientists, embraced at first by large organizations, and eventually used by everybody.

“We want to bring value to brands and advertisers,” said Z5X CEO and Head of Innovation Chamli Tennakoon. “Whether you are shopping within a store, or studying at home, you can smell, touch, feel what’s going on. This will take media to the next level.”

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