ZEEL partners Axinom to power its new digital platform ZEE5

MUMBAI: Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) has selected Axinom to power the backend of its new digital entertainment platform ZEE5, which is poised to be the largest OTT service for Indian entertainment in the world.

The new digital platform will replace the existing subscription- and advertisement-based video on demand platforms DittoTV and OZEE, whose subscribers will be auto-upgraded to the new platform. With more than 80 TV channels, a presence in over 172 countries and a reach of more than 1.3 billion people around the globe, ZEEL is among the largest global content companies across genres, languages, and platforms.

ZEEL, one of the largest global content companies, is the latest international media brand that has chosen Axinom as a backend provider for its next-generation video platform ZEE5. ZEE5 will be a completely refreshed version of the company’s existing digital services which will incorporate exclusive content in regional and local languages, movies, TV shows, and Live TV content, currently present on the existing DittoTV and OZEE platforms.

As one of the leading software development companies in OTT market, Axinom supports ZEEL’s vision of bringing the best of Indian entertainment to viewers in the language of their choice and across their entire internet-connected devices. ZEE5’s new backend is based on Axinom CMS, a highly flexible and scalable content management system.

With a portfolio of more than 240,000 hours of television content and the world’s largest Hindi film library with rights to more than 4,200 movie titles across various languages, and with more than 80 TV Channels featuring some of the most popular Indian TV Shows worldwide, ZEEL will offer its new platform as advertising-, subscription- and transactional-based service, ensuring monetization and user engagement from audiences around the globe

“Axinom proved to understand our strategic goals and our vision of establishing a distinct positioning on the cluttered market, which was important in the process of selecting a reliable partner. We trust that Axinom will deliver the OTT platform ZEE5 in a short turnaround time and to a very high standard which will meet our expectations. With the launch of ZEE5, we will consolidate our OTT offering. It will be the single destination for all our content and the core base for our digital business now and in the future,” said ZEEL CEO International Business Amit Goenka.

“Designing and implementing a digital platform capable of delivering a massive amount of ZEEL’s engaging content to more than a billion viewers is a huge task we are more than happy to handle. Backed by our deep understanding of the media and entertainment industry and global OTT platforms, we are providing our know-how and powerful software stack to bring the ZEE5 platform to the market. We’re proud to be a trusted long-term digital partner of ZEEL, and are looking forward to seeing ZEE5 setting new standards on the market,” said Axinom CEO Ralph Wagner.

By deploying the new backend based on Axinom CMS, ZEEL will enjoy scalability and increased flexibility and ensures that the system is capable of easily accommodating to the expected growth of the new OTT service. ZEEL currently holds a high amount of on-demand content as well as the maximum number of linear TV channels offered by any OTT player on the market. With Axinom, ZEEL will drive forward their vision of bringing a fully-featured, centralised entertainment offering that will revolutionise the entertainment industry.

The system manages not only the digital assets with their metadata but also the content’s licensing, translations, TV channel catch-up settings, EPG data, assignments to collections and products, and much more. Axinom CMS manages the customer database and purchases, and the setup of subscription plans and pricing.

For ZEE5’ s global roll-out, the system will be the base to set up specific content packages and localizations for each region. With an extensive API setup and integration of multiple external services and products, Axinom enables ZEEL to access and orchestrate data from several providers and combine it into a unified service offering that is usable by the ZEE5 frontend applications as well as B2B applications of ZEEL’s telecom partners.

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