ZEEL enters premium English movie genre with &Privé HD launch on 24 September

MUMBAI: For many years, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) has had just two English channels, Zee Café and Zee Studio. But that is now going to change with the launch of the premium English movie channel &Privé HD.

Coming under the ‘&’ brand, the channel will launch on 24 September with the premiere of ‘Moonlight’ at 1 pm and then again at 9 pm. This film won three Oscars earlier this year including Best Picture.

&Privé HD joins Star Movies Select HD from Star India, Sony Le Plex HD from Sony Pictures Networks India and MN+ from Times Network as the fourth channel in the English premium movie genre. Like these other channels, &Privé HD will only have a high-definition feed. It will rely a lot on subscription revenue, though some sponsors have been roped in.

The a la carte price of &Privé HD is Rs 30. Deals have been done with the DTH platforms apart from Videocon d2h. The channel is available in the base HD pack.

&Privé HD is focusing on the six metros and its target group is 22–50 NCCS A. The core TG is 30–45 NCCS A.

Armed with a library of 350 movie titles, &Privé HD will showcase 40 premieres. The channel has been curated keeping in mind audiences who crave for alternative Hollywood cinema. There will be no content overlap with Zee Studio.


The channel targets the non-conformist viewer who wants content to challenge and help him/her explore. This is what the & brand also stands for. It plays to that need.

ZEEL CEO Punit Misra said that the channel is for viewers who feel the other side of cinema. “Like the name suggests, through &Privé we wish to become your personal space for quality cinema. In the last two years, there has been a remarkable growth in the viewership of premium English movies on the HD platform. With the launch of &Privé, we wish to further accelerate this and delight our consumers. The & brand talks to the contemporary Indian who has progressive outlook and is experimenting with his/her choices. We are confident that the &Privé brand extension with its brilliantly curated content will find a place in the hearts of the non-conformist, discerning viewer.”

The channel’s name is derived from the French word Privé, which means a personal or private place. The tagline is ‘Feel the Other Side’.

ZEEL English cluster head Aparna Bhosle noted that the channel has been a nine-and-a-half-month process. One key difference between this channel and others in the English premium movie space is that this channel targets the non-conformist. Two other channels in this space target connoisseurs while the third targets hedonists.

Bhosle noted that the non-conformist viewers are bigger in size than the other segments. The movies will appeal to audiences that have a global mind-set and a penchant for premium experiences.

She stated that the company first came up with the brand philosophy for the channel. After that, content curation started and each title chosen went through a brand filter. It had to be nuanced, layered and lend itself to discussion. It is important that the film stay with viewers and remain etched in their mind.

“We approached things the other way. The appetite for non-mainstream English cinema is on the rise. In 2015 there were five million high definition boxes. Now there are 10.8 million boxes. We did focus groups and it is clear that now is the right time to enter the high definition space in the English movie genre. The non-conformist will look at a film in a different way from a normal person who might look at a film only in a shallow manner,” she explained.

For the design of the channel, her team and the Canadian agency Zink studied all the other channels to find out what would not overlap. Inspiration has been taken from high-end print magazines.


ZEEL CMO Prathyusha Agarwal noted that for its free-thinking audience &Privé HD would fuel the drive to think and feel different.

“Keeping in line with their evolved design sensibilities, the brand and broadcast design delivers a signature luxury visual experience that is inspired by international magazine style and semiotics. Our communication campaign is an ode to our TG who venture beyond the obvious, celebrating those who feel the other side.”

A multimedia campaign will be done including television, print, outdoors and digital. There will also be multiplex tie-ups.

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