ZEE5 to roll-out lighter plans in next couple of quarters

MUMBAI: ZEEL-owned video streaming platform ZEE5 is working on lighter plans which will be rolled out in the next couple of quarters. Currently, the platform has an all-access pack in addition to several South-focussed regional packs.

“So we already have the regional pricing different than the all-you-can-eat à la carte. And we are working on lighter packs as we speak which will be rolled out in the next couple of quarters,” ZEEL MD and CEO Punit Goenka told analysts during Q2 earnings conference call.

Earlier, ZEE5 India CEO Tarun Katial had said that the platform is planning to launch a mobile-only plan in order to broaden its reach and increase the revenue.

Video streaming giant Netflix has launched a mobile-only plan for India priced at Rs 199 per month. The mobile plan allows members to enjoy all of Netflix’s content – uninterrupted and without ads – in standard definition (SD) on one smartphone or tablet at a time.

Goenka is also confident that the company’s digital video business will replicate the success of the broadcast business in terms of getting the right price for its content.

“I’m pretty confident that if we continue to produce good quality content people will pay for it. And that’s a testimony to the growth that we’ve seen not just in ZEE5 but even in the broadcasting business,” he stated.

“I mean if you look at the kind of pricing growth we have seen in the broadcast business also is — because our content has a pull towards it and therefore we manage to command these high prices. As long as Tarun and his team continue to build on content, which the consumer wants, they will pay for it.”

He also stated that out of ZEE5‘s 8.9 million daily active users, as much as 95% plus are from India. The platform’s user base is skewed in favour of the female audience in the 18-28 age bracket. “So I think the split last when I saw was about 57% skewed to females and 43% to males which is very familiar to what is on television.”

After rolling out ZEE5 in APAC and the MENA region, the next target is to launch in the UK and Europe and then finally the US at the end.

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