Zee Telugu’s new show ‘Suryakantham’ to go on-air from 22 Jul

MUMBAI: Zee Telugu is launching a new show ‘Suryakantham’ which will replace its top-rated show ‘Muthyala Muggu’ and will telecast during the weekdays from 22nd July at 9:30 pm.

Womanhood is laced with many complexities imposed by culture, society and familial responsibilities and many times by self-inflicted fear. But the one who faces harsh realities and emerges triumphant is truly a strong woman.

‘Suryakantham’ sketches the life of one such woman, Surya, who overcomes hardships and fights fearlessly to become an invincible man of the house. Suryakantham is about the tomboyish girl named Surya.

Under unexpected circumstances, she gets married to Chaitanya who is quite opposite to her. Though he finds it difficult to accept her, he eventually falls in love with her. Unlike the usual portrayal of the woman characters, the lead lady is happy-go-lucky, kind, gutsy with her attitude on her sleeve.

‘Suryakantham’ is played by Anusha Hegde who previously mesmerized the viewers with her acting in Ninne Pelladatha. Chaitanya is played by Prajwal PD who has an immense fan following through Muthyala Muggu.

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