Zee Telugu to launch ‘Radhamma Kuthuru’ on 26 Aug

MUMBAI: Zee Telugu is all set to premiere ‘Radhamma Kuthuru’ in the prime-time slot starting 26th August. Airing Monday-Saturday at 7 pm, the show will replace ‘Ninne Pelladtha’, which will shift to the 2 pm slot.

‘Radhamma Kuthuru’ revolves around the life of Akshara and Aravind who are diametric to each other in every sense. Akshara vows to restore her mother’s lost pride and improve their financial situation by studying to become an IAS officer. On the other hand, Aravind belongs to an elite class family who never goes against his mother. The show encircles around Akshara’s miseries and the adversities she undergoes to become an IAS officer.

It focuses on faith in God and putting efforts when antecedents are against you. It is a wake-up call to our society that relationships often need compromise and sacrifice; without these, neither life is a blessing, nor does it bring joy.

Akshara, played by Deepti, is a kind-hearted middle-class girl who lives along with her mother and two sisters. Radhamma, played by Aarti, the mother of three daughters, is an extremely patient woman who runs a small hotel for a living. She also maintains an optimistic attitude towards life despite having faced many hardships after her husband abandons her for not being able to give birth to a son. Aravind, played by Gokul, is a local goon with moral values and quality of goodness; he falls in love with Akshara.

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