Zee Telugu to bolster programming line-up fiction show ‘Rama Sakkani Seetha’

MUMBAI: Zee Telugu is set to bolster its programming line-up by introducing another fiction show ‘Rama Sakkani Seetha’, a story of love and mysticism. The show is set to premiere on 29th July.

The narrative highlights the journey of Seetha as she fights to protect her family from a curse which was bestowed upon her family. During the auspicious time of Seetharama Kalyanam, Seetha gets married to Rama Raju accidentally and they are forced to accept each other as husband and wife.

She goes into a family which has four brothers and the brothers fear the priest who cursed their parents that, a single woman will destroy the entire family. The core of the story lies in finding out who cursed them and how Seetha will set them free.

Seetha is played by Jyoti who, previously mesmerized the viewers with her acting in Mangamma Gari Manumaralu and Rama Raju is played by Nanda Kishore who has an immense fan following through Rama Seetha.

‘Rama Sakkani Seetha’ shall telecast every weekday at 7:30 pm starting 29th July, replacing ‘Meenakshi’, while ‘Meenakshi’ shifts to the 2:30 pm slot as ‘Na Kodalu Bangaram’ goes off-air on 26th July.

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