Zee Kannada to launch celebrity game show ‘Genes’

MUMBAI: Zee Kannada will be launching a new celebrity game show ‘Genes’. Hosted by the enthralling beauty Sushma Rao, the show is scheduled to be aired starting 18th January, every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm.

The first-of-its-kind game show will witness popular celebrities engaging with commoners as participants, where they will encounter four exhilarating rounds. The key of each round being genetic resemblance that demands the EQ and IQ quotient of every contestant.

The participants will be presented with a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000 at the beginning of the game, which would either get deducted or multiplied based on the performance of the participants in each level.

The first round ‘Pair with Parents’ is where participants will be asked to match the right pair of parents and their children. The second round ‘Celebrity Album’ will involves participants going through four categories (Celebrity Parents, Celebrity Children, Celebrity Siblings, and Celebrity Childhood) and recognising famous personalities after choosing any 2 categories.

In the third round ‘Family Matteru’ the participants will witness the presence of an entire joint family with one member in that group who will be the odd one out and the participants will have to identify this person. The fourth round ‘Same to Same’ will compromise of 3 pairs of twins from which one of the twins will be swapped, and the blind-folded contests will have to spot the twin who was swapped.

With the launch of the Genes, Zee Kannada further strengthens its brand proposition, Bayasida Baagilu Tegeyona that resonates with the cultural importance of living together in joint families. Brining in joint families from across all the 30 districts of Karnataka, tune-in to watch Genes every Saturday and Sunday, 6:30 PM only on Zee Kannada and Zee Kannada HD.

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