Zee Cinema to premiere ‘Simmba’ on 19 May

MUMBAI: Hindi movie channel Zee Cinema will air the world television premiere of ‘Simmba’ on 19th May at 12 noon. The movie’s cast includes Ranveer Singh, debutant Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood and Ajay Devgn in an extended cameo.

A crusader for women’s safety, Simmba is an orphan from Shivgadh from where our beloved Singham was born and raised. Contrary to the philosophies of Singham, Simmba believes that a Corrupt Officer’s life is an ideal life which inspires him to become one. While Simmba enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical Police Officer, a twist in the tale transforms him and forces him to choose the righteous path.

Narrated by Singham (Ajay Devgn), Simmba follows the life of a cavalier police inspector Sangram Bhalerao a.k.a Simmba (Ranveer Singh), whose roots lie in Shivgad, Singham’s hometown. But unlike the squeaky-clean older officer, Simmba thinks nothing of resorting to corrupt ways to line his pockets. He gets transferred to Miramar police station, where he sees Shagun Sathe (Sara Ali Khan). It is love at first leer as the cop ogles the young girl from across the street.

With the intention of making a grand entry, he interrupts a pub party run by the goon Durva Yashwant Ranade’s (Sonu Sood) brothers, demanding for more money. Durva agrees and wins him over thus using him to do his dirty work. Stuck in the rut, Simmba ends up following orders against his wishes.

He, however, takes a stand when Aakruti Dave (Vaidehi Parshurami), a young woman who reminds him of his teacher is brutally raped for gathering evidence against the drug racket. Resulting in an inevitable turn, Simmba decides to avenge her death by taking the law in his hands.

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