Zee Cinema to premiere ‘Geeta Govinda’ on 25 Dec

MUMBAI: Hindi movie channel Zee Cinema will treat its viewers to rom-com ‘Geeta Govinda’ on 25th December at 12 pm.

Directed by Parasuram, the movie revolves around Geeta and Govind’s love-hate relationship and how eventually their differences subside and love blooms. Playing Vijay’s leading lady in the film is the beautiful Rashmika Mandanna. Touted as the ideal rom-com, it’s the perfect mix of good humor and a wonderful cast.

The movie had topped the box office in the Telegu cinema market and garnered accolades for Vijay and Rashmika’s fabulous onscreen chemistry making them the hottest onscreen pair.

Geeta Govinda revolves around Vijay Govind, a charming young college professor who falls in love with a level-headed woman, Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna) who doesn’t believe in love.

With hopes to impress her, Vijay’s one wrong move lands him in trouble due to which Geetha thinks he is an irresponsible person, who’s always behind every woman.

This derails all hopes for his love story, but also potential repercussions with his family. As the story progresses, the film follows their journey where Vijay tries to redeem himself and win his love over.

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