Yolo Media Network plans to launch four more animated shows

MUMBAI: Yolo Media Network, which is developing an animated series based on famous comedian Johnny Lever, is working on four other animation IPs in different genres.

The company distributes Hollywood movies, animation, and live-action shows. It also acquires animation IPs. Yolo Media aims to also take the IP to global markets where the Indian diaspora has a significant presence.

“Currently, we are developing four other IPs each of them in different genres and are at different stages of development. The aim is to take Indian animation to the next level. They are in genres like action-adventure, crime, and comedy,” Yolo Media Network director content partnerships, development Kishor Shrivastav told TelevisionPost.com.

Speaking about the animated series based on Johnny Lever, Shrivastav stated that the company’s aim is to create an Indian version of ‘Mr. Bean’.

He also revealed that it has received serious interest from two broadcasters. The show is expected to go on-air sometime in July or August 2020 and targets the 8-14 TG.

“Currently, we are planning 52 half an hour episodes. Discussions are at an advanced stage with a couple of broadcasters. I personally feel that sometime in July, August we will be able to launch it but maybe we can also launch sometime in May depending on how fast things progress,” he noted.

He also said that while the show will cut across age groups. “Even the higher TG would be interested in seeing how this comedy superstar is being animated and will want to see how the stories are being played on.”

Shrivastav stated that Johnny Lever is involved in concept discussions. He is also involved in story development and there will be fortnightly discussions on how stories are shaping up.

“He will be completely involved in marketing activities to take the IP to audiences in the most effective way. We are trying to pick and choose the characters that he has played in his lifetime and weave a story along with those characters in episodes. It is a fantastic journey of the character and will be a slapstick comedy show,” Shrivastav disclosed.

He points out to advances in technology that has allowed for 3D to improve dramatically. But at the same time cost issues also have to be addressed keeping in mind the fact that broadcasters are focused on P&L.

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