Wavemaker India launches its new product ‘Thrive’

MUMBAI: Wavemaker, the media, content, and technology agency of GroupM, has launched its first-ever Influencer Marketing offering WM Thrive. Thrive offers a tailored, strategic approach adapted for the increasingly complex landscape of content creators and platforms of today. Thrive ties in the three critical aspects of advocacy – measurement, brand safety, and irrefutable human creativity, into a seamless experience for clients.

Thrive focuses on increasing the believability of brand storytelling by treating influencers more as customers or talent and not just as media channels. This makes influencer marketing a non-campaign initiative that actually impacts the purchase journey, versus being just an amplification vehicle.

Thrive will bring in data-driven discovery clubbed with measurement by using technology interventions. This will help marketers focus on brand goals rather than worrying only about campaign results. Thrive is an entire suite of services from Wavemaker that is powered by GroupM’s INCA platform. Thrive also integrates the best that Wavemaker partner ecosystem has to offer both in terms of talent management as well as technology.

Speaking on the launch of its first-ever advocacy product, Wavemaker India Chief Content Officer Karthik Nagarajan said, “Over the last few years, influencer marketing has become so commoditised that we have shifted our focus from what it was originally meant for – impacting purchase decisions. Given the leadership position of Wavemaker, it was our responsibility to demystify and declutter this space for our clients and help them move to an impactful, measurable and brand-safe environment. With Thrive, we have done just that, by creating a data-driven system that matches influencers with the core values of the brand and also treats them as talent as against media channels.”

This platform will help brands unlock the true potential of content by touching multiple moments of a consumer’s journey, where the right content can become the right point of influence when it comes to building perceptions and making choices.

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