Voot Studio creates unconventional Mother’s Day campaign for Pedigree

MUMBAI: Video streaming platform Voot’s branded content wing Voot Studio has partnered with Pedigree to celebrate Mother’s Day in an unconventional manner.

Motherhood transcends beyond parenting just your kind. You can be a parent to a pet and experience the same unconditional love and joy. Going one step further, through this campaign Voot Studio and Pedigree along with Mediacom as an agency partner, urge people to adopt dogs.

The film’s premise explores 4 new mothers who narrate first-hand experiences with motherhood while answering questions like how does it feel, why to adopt and how has it changed them. They narrate incidents in an emotional way making it seem that they are speaking about human babies. The film climaxes with the question – Shall we meet your baby and it is then revealed that the mothers are new parents to Indie-dogs.

Pedigree has tied up with 25+ pet NGO’s to drive the cause of adoption for stray dogs. They have received over 1 lakh pledges on their official website in support of this initiative.

Speaking about the initiative, Voot Business head advertising video platform Akash Banerji said, “We recently launched our Voot Studio program, an industry first initiative that partners with brands around compelling storytelling & platform integrations, to drive their brand narrative for the new-age consumer. Our association with Pedigree is with the aim of creating ROI for a brand much beyond the 30-second ad spot.”

Pet Nutrition India marketing director Mohit Arora said, “BringHomeJoy campaign was visualized keeping our vision of “making a better world for pets” in front &center. As category leaders we take pride in driving responsible pet ownership, one such initiative is creating awareness & consideration around pet adoption. By involving & directing all digital engagement to 25 partner pet adoption agencies across 16 cities, we hope to start an initiative to find more loving homes for all pets.”

Mediacom CEO South Asia Navin Khemka said, “Pet lovers know that pets are like their own kids. We dedicate this campaign to every pet caring person and are confident that many families will come forward and adopt a dog. In today’s world, we need more compassion, care, and understanding. We are fortunate to be involved in co-creating this campaign with Voot Studio & Team Pedigree.”

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