Vidgyor helping 40+ TV channels to monetise live TV streaming feed

MUMBAI: Video advertisement platform for internet TV Vidgyor has partnered with 40+ TV channels to live TV streaming. Vidgyor has partnered with India Today Group, Network18, ABP News Network, India TV, Asianet News, TV9 Group, News Nation & other regional news channels.

Some of their TV channel partners are using Vidgyor TV Ad-break detection technology to insert SCTE-35 ad-markers on their Live TV feed syndicated to Hotstar OTT Platform.

Vidgyor started in 2014 by a core team of video technology experts who worked at MNC like Yahoo!, STMicroelectronics developed machine learning (ML) based innovative solution which is the latest advancement in their ecosystem.

Vidgyor stated that TV Broadcasters/OTT platforms in most emerging markets have no ability to strip out original broadcast TV ads and insert different set of video ads for online Live TV streaming – and as such have merely replicated their TV broadcast stream on their Live TV streaming digital properties like Websites, Mobile/OTT Apps.

However, TV advertisers pay only for showing their ads on TV and not for live TV streaming. This results in a loss of advertising revenue for both TV Broadcasters/OTT platforms. Also, it limits the brands/advertisers who want to reach their target audience effectively on digital Live TV streaming platforms.

Vidgyor said its ML-based technology can detect original broadcast TV commercial ad-breaks in near real-time from Live TV feed & insert ‘in/out’ digital ad-markers (SCTE-35) in the feed, thus enabling TV Broadcasters/OTT platforms to use Dynamic Ad-Insertion (DAI) solution to monetise Live TV streaming by dynamically replacing original broadcast TV ads with targeted mid-roll video ads on their digital streaming properties like Websites, Mobile Apps & OTT platforms.

Vidgyor CEO Mahaboob Khan says, “Using Vidgyor’s TV Ad-break detection technology, our TV channel partners monetize their Live TV streaming by stripping out original broadcast TV ads and inserting mid-roll video ads on their digital platforms. Recently, OTT platforms are exploring our Ad-break detection technology to monetize Live TV.”

It also stated that using the same Ad-detection technology, TV Channels/ Content owners can create customised Live feeds by auto-replacing TV commercial breaks with a different set of video content on-fly for syndication to OTT platforms, Social media live broadcast on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter & create geo-targeted Live TV feeds for international distribution.

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