Viacom18’s Tipping Point to venture into regional content space in second phase of expansion

MUMBAI: Viacom18 Motion Pictures’ digital content brand Tipping Point plans to get into regional content space in the second phase of its expansion. In the first phase, the brand will focus on Hindi content.

“Our first goal post is to produce top-tier content that is the only way the content can make its presence felt. In the first phase, we will focus on Hindi. We will get into regional space during the second phase,” Viacom18 Motion Pictures COO Ajit Andhare told

Tipping Point will focus on four categories of content. These are web series, mega-series, digital films and the films that don’t get an opportunity to release in theatres.

Andhare said that the network is planning to produce top-tier content through Tipping Point. The platform is planning to create film scale premium content which will be provocative as well as introspective and will be edgy in nature.

“As a curating platform, Tipping Point is essentially looking into the bank of four categories. We are creating a series of short films which allow us to create different subjects and worlds. In addition, we are creating web series which is today’s mainstay of digital content followed by another category called Mega series where we are looking to do the next level content. The fourth category is the films which will go directly to the digital platforms and may not find a theatrical release,” he stated.

Currently, the platform is working on a web series titled ‘Jamtara’ which revolves around the ATM phishing scam. The series is under the pre-production stage. The platform is also working with renowned directors Srijit Mukherji and Imtiaz Ali on a web series. With Srijit Mukherji, Tipping Point will adapt 12 short stories of Satyajit Ray which will be set across 12 cities/towns of the country.

The content produced by the platform will primarily reside within the network and Reliance Jio. However, the company is also open to syndicating content to third-party platforms in India and abroad.

“Primarily, the content will be with the network’s digital platform Voot and Jio. However, when we are developing a certain bandwidth, there is always an option of licensing and syndication. Currently, given the demand we have within the network itself I guess the focus might be little more in the favour of the inside than outside and ultimately when the content is developed all the options are open,” Andhare commented.

Tipping Point’s target audience are the ones who are looking for fresh content that is not available on television or mainstream media. “Today with digital it is really difficult to segment the market when we say, digital consumer, they can reside anywhere, in any city. From the storytelling point of view, we are targeting that audience and offering them content which they generally don’t find on television. We will be offering content which is on the international streaming platform and which are in news right now,” Andhare explained.