US broadband households watch five hours of internet video per week on their TVs

MUMBAI: New research from Parks Associates finds U.S. broadband households report watching an average of five hours of internet video on their television per week.

“Remember how excited we once were to hear ‘there’s an app for that?’ What was great in that moment has turned into an avalanche of apps and services, overloading us with options for accessing the music, shows, movies, podcasts, and other media that matter most to us. Voice-activated products are increasing in popularity in large part because they help to quickly get to the content we want to enjoy at that moment in time. It’s our responsibility as an industry to continue to simplify the search, discovery, and playback experience in a consistent experience across all devices, voice-controlled or not” said Plex VP, marketing Scott Hancock.

“Content will always be king, but equally as important in delivering quality OTT experiences is personalisation. The providers who come out on top will be the ones who consider overall consumption, including personalised advertising experiences for each and every viewer,” said Verizon Digital Media Services marketing director Darren Lepke.

“As an industry, we’re embarking upon one of the most exciting and opportunistic times in the OTT and digital entertainment market,” said Xumo CEO Colin Petrie-Norris.

“Never has it been more challenging to capture the attention of a consumer, but never has there been more opportunity for SVod, OTT, and linear pay-TV video services. These challenges demand a new solution,” said Merkle VP client partner Andrew Runyon.

“Understanding consumer needs is the key to success in today’s entertainment environment, and industry players should focus on solving consumer challenges, like switching between multiple devices and services, to stand out. TV should be easy, and our goal at AirTV is to solve the challenge of ‘just making it work’ by integrating consumers’ favourite content into a simple interface, so consumers can sit back and watch their content without frustration,” said AirTV director, advanced video products Mitch Weinraub.