‘TV is not a linear medium but a dynamic medium’

Ashish Sehgal

The reach of TV, as a medium is undisputable in both India & Bharat. The current All India television penetration stands at 66% up from 47% (Census 2011), promising immense room for growth.

In fact, the same has been growing year-on-year. Despite being widespread, it continues to be an extremely cost-effective medium vs digital as well as print. Our understanding is that it will continue to deliver value for the next 3-5 years until digital video platforms become a real challenger.

We truly believe that TV is a strong medium which impacts brand awareness/conversation & drives traffic to the web, hence complementary medium to digital & this fact has been proven in multiple studies in digitally evolved markets like US & UK. Even in the most developed digital markets like US & UK, advertisers have been harping on using the mediums together instead of pitching them as counter-strategies to reach out to the audience.

Also, TV generates two to four times greater brand ROI than high-growth media channels such as Social Media and Short Form Video across the funnel. (Source: Accenture Strategy Analysis, 2017)

The effectiveness of the medium is observed in the AdEx as well which is expected to grow by 15% over the same period last year. The growth of TV is largely led by the dominance of regional channels which is due to the in-depth understanding of culture by the TV content team. Here, we have dominated this space across almost all regional channels.

With rural driving consumption, multiple categories are expanding not only their portfolio but presence as well. Hence, FTA is another genre which has taken a leap. FMCG has further consolidated its presence with TV and has grown at a faster pace. Scalability of e-commerce/app also depends on TV as a medium.

With the TRAI order in place, TV viewing will further evolve, however, it’s too early to predict. LCOs, MSOs & DTH players, too are educating the consumer about this new structural beneficial change. The backend for this change is a huge challenge for all distribution platforms as well.

I always believed TV is not a linear medium but a dynamic medium, with this new TRAI order, the challenge continues!

(The writer is the chief growth officer (ad revenue), ZEEL. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of TelevisionPost.com)

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