Travelxp set to launch new show with Paddy Doherty, Daniel Coll

MUMBAI: Travelxp is all set to launch a new show titled ‘Dan And Paddy’s Bucket List In Kyushu Japan’ that will see former Big Brother star and prostate cancer survivor, Paddy Doherty exploring Kyushu and fulfilling exciting challenges along the way with his co-host, Daniel Coll.

The 10-part series will broadcast in India on Travelxp Channel from 26th January to 4th February at 8 pm and also worldwide on Travelxp’s various feeds, both in 4K and HD.

“After Danny and I had health troubles, we wanted to embark on a big adventure. We had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Kyushu like kayaking to active volcanoes, wielding Samurai swords and tasting dried bonito fish. Working with Travelxp on this show has been a great experience,” said Paddy Doherty.

The travel series will see Dan and Paddy exploring the traditions and cuisine of Kyushu and indulging in the best of Japanese lifestyle while also encountering challenges that make them confront their own phobias and inhibitions. It is a joint production between Travelxp, RKB and Killion Films.

Commenting on the new project, Travelxp director Nisha Chothani said, “Travelxp has always endeavored to bring offbeat travel stories and path-breaking journeys to the audiences. We’re thrilled to have co-produced Dan and Paddy’s Bucket List in Kyushu, Japan with Killion films from the UK and RKB from Japan.”

She further added, “This show brings the message that travel isn’t age-conscious. If one is passionate about travelling, they can travel at any age, to any place they want. The series has been filmed in 8K technology so that viewers get the full impact of the adventures we have covered and of the beauty of Kyushu.”

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