Tata Sky launches Room TV service for multi-TV connections

MUMBAI: India’s leading content distribution platform Tata Sky has launched the new ‘Room TV’ service for multi-TV connections. The service aims to make it more feasible for subscribers to choose packs for their multi-TV connections, through steps that are simple and easy to deal with.

Till now, consumers having secondary connections were watching the same content as that of primary connection on all the other TVs as well. For this, they had to pay a fixed amount.

The new service will enable consumers to select the content of their choice on the secondary connections and pay for that selected content rather than paying a fixed price.

The fixed price paid by the subscriber is promotional in nature and will be subject to change from 15th June. Eventually, the consumers will have to pay the same amount as that of primary for the same content boxes.

For different TV sets, the consumer will just need to pay network capacity fee (NCF) + content charges of the selected channels.

“Through this new service, Tata Sky aims to offer every family member their choice of entertainment via tailor-made packs and Instant Pack Modifications as per their convenience,” Tata Sky said in a statement.

It further added, “Subscribers can seamlessly choose the content of their choice on the secondary connections and only pay for the selected content. Their secondary connections can now have different channels & services from the base pack selected for the first connection in the house under the same subscriber ID.”

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