TAM Media, Israel’s BI Science partner to launch digital AdEx measurement tool

MUMBAI: TAM Media Research has partnered with Israel’s BI Science to launch Digital Ad expenditure monitoring services. Christened Digital AdEx, the service will monitor close to 3000 Digital publishers.

After being soft-launched in mid last year, Digital AdEx service is equipped to provide data on daily and weekly basis. It has been integrated with TAM’s flagship AdEx India service thereby providing an in-depth monitoring from across platforms such as digital, TV, Print and Radio.

“We launched the service last year and have received an amazing response in the last six months. Being the only company which covers – Mobile, Desktop, Laptops & Tablets, app and 3000 odd digital portals, we aim at offering a cross platform competitive picture to our clients,” said TAM Media Research CEO LV Krishnan.

He further stated that the data is available to its clients on a weekly basis through a new interface, a software called MAP. “MAP showcases data on print, TV, Radio and now from the digital platform as well. If clients want to look specifically at digital data including creatives and competitive data on digital platform, they can get access to an exclusive interface which gets updated on a daily basis,” added Krishnan.

Further adding on the need of integrating digital AdEx with AdEx, Krishnan said, “We understand that clients need a 360 degree monitoring of advertisements from across platforms. We therefore help them with monitoring services from both traditional and non-traditional media.”