Swastik Productions’ ‘Porus’ travels to Macedonia

MUMBAI: Production house Swastik Productions’ content syndication arm One Life Studios has syndicated its historical drama series ‘Porus’ in Macedonian broadcaster Alfa TV.

With this deal, One Life Studios has syndicated ‘Porus’ to 12 countries and 14 territories.

Porus depicts the story of Alexander and his journey towards India which culminates into the great battle of Hydaspus in 326 BC where Porus, the Indian King, stopped Alexander from entering India. Ultimately, Alexander won the battle and yet lost the war as he was forced to return back and couldn’t invade India.

One Life Studios MD Rahul Kumar Tewary stated, “In Indian shows, there’s hardly ever a portrayal of a foreign land. For the first time, we showed the journey of Alexander the great, and viewers all across have loved it. With “Porus” we have tried to break boundaries and we are glad that this series now enters the land of Alexander. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest and known warriors of his time, I am sure the people of Macedonia will enjoy the story of his last battle with Indian King Porus.”

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