SVF Entertainment inks music licencing deal with PPL

MUMBAI: SVF Entertainment, a West Bengal record label, and film distributor, has in a major strategic decision to monetise their public performance and radio rights across India, has signed an exclusive agreement with Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL), India’s largest collective rights management organisation.

The said agreement will make SVF a member of PPL, which has seen rapid growth in membership over the past year. The music licensing company currently represents 320+ music labels with more than 1.5 million international and 0.8 million domestic songs in their repertoire.

The signing on of SVF will further expand the company’s foothold into the growing East Indian market. For PPL’s thousands of license holders, this new agreement will mean the legal right to publically perform a plethora of Bengali dance songs like ‘Dhaker Taale’, ‘O My Love’ and ‘Benche Thakar Gaan’, among others.

SVF Entertainment MD Mahendra Soni said, “Joining hands with PPL in India directly helps us focus on our core creative business. Earlier we were monetising in parts ourselves. PPL has right teams and digital tools for them to enable monetise on a larger scale. The revenues we earn from public performance and radio, will plough it back in new talent and creating more hits.”

PPL India CEO MD Rajat Kakar said, “SVF commands a lion’s share in Bengali music and they are the largest media and entertainment house in the East. The signing of SVF Entertainment is a big milestone as it takes us to No.1 position in the East Indian market. We are proud to associate with them.”

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