Star Movies Select HD to premiere ‘Isle Of Dogs’ on 25 May

MUMBAI: English movie channel Star Movies Select HD is all set to premiere ‘Isle Of Dogs’ on 25th May at 9 pm. Paying reverence to Japanese culture, the ‘Isle of Dogs’ illustrates a dystopian future where furry being of Megasaki City are banished to Trash Island.

A young kid, Atari ventures to go to the Island to rescue his dog, Spots. Although simple on the periphery, the movie portrays political differences using the ongoing debate of who is better – cats or dogs.

Through a comical screenplay, the movie establishes the idea of ‘discrimination’ against the ‘different’ which in this case is led by the mayor of the city who uses anti-canine propaganda for a bigger, and hidden cause, to eradicate dogs. Wes Anderson nails it with the witty one-liners to strike a balance with the grim undertones of the film.

A visual treat for canine-lovers, ‘Isle of Dogs’ is one of Wes Anderson’s greatest directorial works, involving sweeping cinematography. Combine Anderson’s vivacious humor with the friskiness of adorable canines, and there you have it – a magnificent brew of a great storyline, which gets elevated with the smooth stop- motion animation. The meme-ready stop motion was a breakthrough in the animation world, amusing the audience and critics, alike.

With an extraordinary screenplay, Anderson also presented us with an astonishing voice cast featuring Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, and Scarlett Johansson.

Accolades like the AFCC and the BFSC award for Best Animated Film (2018) along with an Oscar nomination for the Best Animated Feature are among the many wins and nominations. Not just critically acclaimed, the film received much love and admiration from viewers, etching its name in the golden era of animation and graphics.

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