Srinivasan Swamy takes over as IAA chairman, world president

MUMBAI: RK Swamy Hansa Group chairman Srinivasan Swamy has taken over as the chairman and world president of International Advertising Association (IAA) for a period of two years. The appointment was effected at the board meeting of the IAA in Bucharest, Romania today.

The first Indian ever to hold this post, Swamy’s appointment as Chairman reinforces India’s contribution to the global advertising industry and is definitive proof of the impact that Indian talent is making in global leadership roles. IAA has a presence in 76 countries and today Swamy takes over the reins from legendary advertising professional Felix Tataru from Romania.

Under Swamy’s leadership, India will play host to the most celebrated and anticipated 44th edition of the ‘IAA World Congress’, which is scheduled to be held in Cochin next year. Once again, this is the first time that India will be hosting this prestigious event reflecting the ‘gravitas’ of the Indian advertising fraternity at a global level.

Mukesh Ambani will be the Chairman of the 44th IAA World Congress, where a large number of eminent industry professionals, inspirational and spiritual speakers from across the world are expected to address the delegates. The Congress will address varying topics related to trends in Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Consumer Engagement, and aspects that also touch the human side of the business.

On his appointment as the Global Chairman of this prestigious body, Swamy said, “The IAA is positioned as the ‘Global Compass of Marketing Communications’ and in my role, I aim to ensure we walk-the-talk and steer it in the right direction for the industry and its consumers’ greater good. With my able and experienced team, I hope to scale up the operations and image of the IAA in a meaningful manner. Being the first Indian to be bestowed this honour, is not just a personal milestone, but a symbol of the increasing ascendance of India as a leader and a significant player in world advertising and media fora.”

Swamy’s journey with IAA started several years ago when he took over as the India Chapter President when India was considered to be an insignificant player and held minimal relevance on the global advertising scene. Swamy strived to change this attitude towards India and from the initial 3-4 annual events; he introduced 35+ annual industry events and IAA, India emerged as the most active and meaningful National industry body. He has been honoured with the Global Champion award by the IAA at the inaugural Inspire Awards in London and was also inducted into the IAA India Chapter Hall of Fame last year.

Swamy will lead a team of 25 Executive Committee members from a host of countries including India, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ghana, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Netherlands, Kuwait, Iran, and Nepal. ZEEL MD and CEO Punit Goenka is the President of IAA India Chapter and will work alongside Swamy for the next 2 years.