Sports, business, technology most consumed news categories by millennials: Inshorts

MUMBAI: Sports, business, and technology are most popular categories amongst millennials in the country, according to an analysis done by content discovery and distribution app Inshorts.

The platform wanted to understand the content consumption trends of this fast-paced digital populace have shown that sports, business and technology are the most emerging and read about categories in this context. With over 10 million unique users, .inshorts has a high engagement rate and is mostly read by millennials.

The top 5 categories of news consumption by millennials sports, technology, business, entertainment, and startups. Incidentally, the Bollywood and politics don’t figure in the top 5. The app had introduced a special Indian Premier League (IPL) category this season, given the high interest of readers during this season.

Inshorts CEO and co-founder Azhar Iqubal said “Empowered by on-the-go accessibility, millennials today are consuming a diverse spectrum of content every day. Observing their reading patterns has led us to believe that these consumers primarily gravitate towards short-form content formats which are digitally-led and completely curated for their interests.”

He added further, “There is a significant shift in the preference of users and sports, technology, and business news has become the centrepiece of consumption over the years. It is interesting to see how an entertainment loving nation is gradually moving towards other sectors of consumption.”

Focussed on curating relevant personalised content for the youth, Inshorts has users in almost all the cities of India with a majority of the user base coming from tier I and tier II cities. The app claims to have the highest open rate of 81.54% in news and magazines category with 49.23% active days. Each user opens the app average 3 times every day and spends a minimum of 13 minutes on it.

Inshorts became operationally profitable in November 2017. Hitting a net revenue run rate of Rs 25 crore in 2017, as compared to Rs 3 crore in 2016, the company is targeting a net revenue rate of Rs 100 crore in FY2018, with revenue coming in through branded partnerships and sponsored content.

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