Sony Max, B4U Kadak are top pay, FTA Hindi movie channels in week 27

MUMBAI: Sony Max and B4U Kadak are the top pay and free to air (FTA) channels respectively in week 27 of BARC India ratings.

The other pay channels in the top 5 list are Star Gold, Zee Cinema, &pictures, and Movies OK.

Among the top 5 FTA channels, B4U Movies is at the second position followed by Enterr10, Skystar Movies, and Maha Movie.

In urban + Rural HSM, B4U Kadak and Zee Cinema have swapped positions while the three positions have remained unchanged.

In urban HSM, &pictures, and Movies OK have exchanged positions.

Zee Cinema has jumped to the third position while Star Gold and B4U Movies have dropped to fourth and fifth positions respectively.

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