Sony Max aims to establish emotional connect with viewers through new campaign

MUMBAI: Hindi movie channel Sony Max is asserting its leadership position through the launch of ‘Yeh Hai Desh Ki Deewangi’ campaign, said Sony Sab and Sony Max Hindi Movie Cluster Head – Marketing & Communications Vaishali Sharma.

The channel has already kick-started the 20th anniversary celebrating through the launch of the campaign. Sony Max will complete 20 years on 12th October. It has lined up many activities to commemorate the anniversary.

Sharma said that the three-month is a celebration of the channel’s success. “Sony Max has seen three years of unprecedented leadership. Overall, we are also number 6th across genres. It’s really a great place for Sony Max to be in,” she stated.

She also said that anniversaries are important because it allows a brand to establish a stronger emotional connect. “It is also establishing the fact that forget about movie channels we are today in the space of competing with GECs as well. We also reach out to the advertisers. So from that perspective, it’s a great opportunity and the timing is perfect,” she stated.

According to Sharma, Sony Max’s strength has been to curate movie viewing experience by understanding what viewers want and giving them the kind of movies that they want at the time that they want. The channel uses data and market intelligence to find the best mix of movies.

She also said that viewers remember Sony Max as the movie premiere destination because it positions a premiere in a fantastic way. “Whats sets Sony Max apart from other movie channels is that we don’t treat it as a movie channel. It is a living, breathing brand. Whether it’s on-air or off-air it is always engaging with its viewers,” she added.

Sony Max offers a variety to its viewers in the form of filler content. It doesn’t air movies back to back. “In the last 20 years, we have created so many types of fillers starting with Fully Deewana, Bittu Bak Bak and so on. The latest we have launched is Dr. Pran Lele. These are the fillers, snacky content which enhance the brand experience as well on-air,” Sharma noted.

The channel also does brand campaigns constantly to reiterate its strong positioning.

Talking about the campaign, Sharma said that the brand Sony Max has been personified and brought to life. Bring the campaign to life is the character Gullu Gulati. “He is the main character in our campaign. He is just an ordinary person who is crazy about movies on Sony Max. Every aspect of his life is filled with ‘Deewanapan’,” Sharma said.

She also said that the channel will be launching 20 logos to celebrate the 20th anniversary. It will launch a logo every other day along with trivia about the movie. “There is a special ident and on-air packaging that we have created,” she said.

The new logos were unveiled on 20th July during a roadblock across many channels of the network. The channel will also do hashtag challenge #20saalkideewangi where it will have a lot of influencers challenging people to come up with their deewangi moments.

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