Sony launches ‘Fully Loaded’ ad campaign to highlight its sports offerings

MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Sports Network has launched a new ad campaign titled ‘Fully Loaded’ to showcase the wide variety of sports content that is on offer for viewers in 2020.

The theme of the campaign is that sports fans don’t need the remote when they are watching Sony sports channels. The campaign has been conceptualised by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi and is supported across digital and social media platforms.

Sony Pictures Sports Network is packed with the best international sporting action including 200+ days of cricket, 700 + live football matches, WWE, UEFA Champions League, UFC, ATP World Tour and the biggest showpiece events of 2020 like the Olympic Games Tokyo  2020, India Tour of Australia and UEFA EURO 2020.

The ‘Fully Loaded’ campaign has been brought alive through two brand films.

The first film, which is 50-seconds long, starts with a father who is enjoying a football match on the Sony Sports channel while his daughter is playing with her remote-controlled car in the living room when suddenly the car remote battery dies. She runs to her father with an upset expression while he is enjoying an exciting football match on TV.

The father smiles and walks up to the TV, picks up the remote control and replaces the TV remote control batteries with the toy’s batteries since he has no need for the TV remote and will always leave the Sony Sports channels on. The daughter is delighted to play again while the father happily continues watching Sony Sports channels late into the night.

The second film starts with the man (father from Film 1) enjoying a cricket match between India and Australia. While watching the match, his attention shifts to the dog who has been chewing his shoe and is mischievously playing with it.

To make sure the dog does not damage his shoe, he replaces the shoe with the TV remote control as he feels that he does not need the TV remote control and will always leave the Sony Sports channels on. The film ends with him watching all the high octane fully loaded sports action on SPSN channels late into the night.

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