‘RELLIK’, the serial killer investigation drama premieres on myNK™, India’s world entertainment VoD platform

MUMBAI: RELLIK is an original six-part serial killer investigation drama with an inbuilt structural conceit that turns the serial killer story on its head. Starting at the end, with a prime suspect caught, the series moves backwards in time through the string of gruesome murders, gradually unravelling the truth.

Damaged and charismatic detective, DCI Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer), is on an obsessive hunt for a brutal killer who left a mark on him both physically and mentally. As the clock ticks back, and Gabriel’s personal and professional lives unfurl, one explores the painful psychology of a man disfigured, while the shockwaves from the crime ripple out in reverse. As well as a thrilling chase to catch a brutal killer, RELLIK explores the very nature of motivation as we delve deeper into the past to uncover what are the events that form a person into who they will become- killer or cop.

Gabriel has a self-destructive streak that has led to years of drinking, drugs and womanising. Husband to Lisa and father to Hannah, he struggles to balance his family relationships with his work, as he resorts to more and more desperate measures in his obsessive hunt to track down a serial killer. His partner-in-chasing-crime is DI Elaine Shepard’s (Jodi Balfour), an intelligent woman with a combination of warmth and determined intensity.

Gabriel and Shepard have an undeniable connection, and as he starts to unravel over the course of the serial killer investigation, Elaine continues to support him, protecting him from the worst of himself. As the two of them struggle to balance their personal and professional relationships, it becomes increasingly apparent that she would do anything for Gabriel.

Premiering in India for the first time on myNK, Rellik makes for an engaging series for viewers who are always on the look-out for exciting crime thrillers narrated distinctively and leaves them to look for clues within each line of dialogue and each passing new venue.