Reliance-backed Fynd launches new cross-platform game Corona Striker

MUMBAI: Fynd has announced a new, hyper-casual game called Corona Striker as part of its “Save the World” social initiative to spread awareness about COVID-19 disease. The cross-platform game promises to bring some sportiveness into our lives during this gloomy time.

In the game, the player battles with the virus monster to prevent the infection from taking over the world. The COVID-19 social awareness messages are weaved in throughout the game to communicate healthy self-care practices to the engaged player.

“Games are excellent at capturing the attention of diverse groups and can have a lasting impact. With Corona Striker, we are sharing socially relevant information in an appealing framework to encourage more people to practice social distancing, and to stay safe and healthy,” Fynd co-founder Farooq Adam.

Internet advertisements are usually part of the game experience. But Fynd’s Corona Striker is completely ad-free. The Applied Machine Learning (AML) team at Fynd came up with the concept of Corona Striker. The team works on building AI-based systems for Fynd and has recently launched products such as EraseBG, GlamAR, etc. that re-imagine eCommerce and retail.

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