Red FM launches mobile app

MUMBAI: FM radio platform 93.5 Red FM has launched its mobile app to allow listeners to access the platform on the go.

The mobile application has been designed keeping in mind the connected device ecosystem that today’s listeners are living in. The stand out factor is that the audience gets their content as an itemised piece of audio as a stream. With this technology, there is an ease in the process of ‘you get what you want and when you want it’. Itemization of on-air content creates flexibility and allows the listeners to exercise control over the audio content of their choice.

93.5 Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, ‘The target audience today is constantly on their phones and are using all kinds of apps for activities that makes their life easier. The Red FM app cuts away from the usual practice of radio content which has a low shelf life and when broadcasted once disappears. Strategically the app works as a great retention strategy where it can be reused on other platforms like mobile and social media. This ensures that the audience can catch up even if they have missed it during the live broadcast. The content can be further re-shared reaching out to the millions of audiences across. Red FM App is not a music streaming app or on-air FM product stream.”

Red FM mobile application is an entirely new way to reiterate the tagline of ‘Bajaate Raho’ where one can get entertained with handpicked curated content from localised Red FM station. The content is such that it can be consumed while on the go and is flexible of time and place. The application has primarily four sections LISTEN, WATCH, EXPLORE and FOR YOU.

The LISTEN screen helps users to catch up with your favourite comedy capsules like BAUAA, MAWALI BHAI, BAND BAJEGA, SUKUMAR AVISHWAS interviews and infotainment content presented by the jock. It also includes options of skip, rewind, pause; and share stuff through the social media handles.

The Watch section presents the best of all Bollywood interviews, behind-the-mike stories, exclusive Red FM digital delights like YE KAR KE DIKHAO pranks, CARNAMA, MOVIE REVIEW and some exciting videos.

The Explore section curated by team features a mash-up of some ‘must-watch’ and ‘must-listen’ viral content.

The For You section helps you to subscribe to your favorite category so that you can be instantly intimated on fresh content upload.

Salient Features of app

  • A user can listen to RJ content anywhere, anytime by selecting the city of his choice
  • Hyper Local podcast for every Red FM cities are represented and a user can toggle around from one city to another
  • Watch the best of video content of the Red FM Network- from your favourite star Interviews to funny pranks, on-air behind the scene

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