Radio second most accessed medium across metros, non-metros: Nielsen report

MUMBAI: Radio is the second most accessed medium across metros and non-metros, according to a report by Nielsen India titled ‘Power of Radio’ commissioned by Music Broadcast (Radio City).

The report further stated radio ads seen to be most effective in the 26-45 years age group. Radio audiences, across both small cities and metros, consider the medium to be a trusted source of information.

It also noted that 47% people use radio to listen to music, followed by TV at 42%, video streaming services at 5% and audio streaming services at 6%. Radio, the report stated, gives additional 17% incremental awareness to real estate sector ads compared to print.

The report also highlighted that radio has the second-highest ad-attention, followed by TV and streaming services. In terms of ad-effectiveness, radio ads are the second most effective in driving purchase intent, with TV being the most effective medium.

The report conducted by Nielsen India on behalf of Radio City surveyed a sample comprising working males, females, homemakers and students between the age of 18-45 from multiple income groups, demographics and listen to the radio at least once a week. Among other findings, the report highlights the efficacy of radio in its role in driving purchase intent among females, 25+ individuals and NCCS (New Consumer Classification System) B & C.

Commenting on the report, Jagran Prakashan president and Music Broadcast director Apurva Purohit said, “In India, radio was largely limited to state programming until the 1990s but with the private sector entering the industry, it has grown exponentially over the last decade or so. The industry clocked an 18% growth compared to other markets in 2016 and with the phase 3 expansion into new geographies increasing FM’s reach dramatically, the industry will only grow faster in the years to come.

“The findings of the study cement our belief in the power of radio, and I firmly believe that radio will re-emerge as a formidable choice for advertisers. The medium’s demonstrated ability to strike a personal connect with users and the fact that it is seen as the most trusted medium and credible for information is heartening to see.”

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