Radiant Digitek Network enters into strategic alliance with a Nepal-based MSO

MUMBAI: Rajasthan-based multi system operator (MSO) Radiant Digitek Network, in which Fastway is also a shareholder, has entered into a strategic alliance with Nepal based MSO Divine Stream Network. With this alliance, Divine Stream Network’s customers will be able to watch Radiant Digitek TV channels.

Radiant Digitek CEO Sanjay Gosain said, “We are delighted to expand our horizons in Nepal and our strategic alliance with Divine Stream Network who is a big MSO and top internet service provider in Nepal through a well laid out fiber network measuring close to 16000 Kms in Nepal will give us wider exposure even outside India.”

Speaking on the occasion, Divine Stream Network’s Suren Chhetri commented, “We are thrilled with this development and this alliance with Radiant Digitek Network Ltd. will not only give us insights into the way we can improve our Distribution in Nepal, it will also make us more competitive through the use of better hardware, technology, and localisation of content in Nepal.”

The alliance between the two would help them in synergising on multiple domains and the expertise of Radiant Digitek Network will help the expansion of Divine Stream Network in a big way and Radiant Digitek Network ltd. on the other hand, will become the first Indian MSO to expand internationally.

Gaurav Saharan, Broadcast Media Consultant to Divine Stream Network, stated, “This alliance will be a game-changer for the market of Nepal in general and while on one hand, it will help Divine Stream in its expansion spree, it will also provide Radiant Digitek Network key access to this developing market. Nepal is an emerging digital market and hence the insights from Radiant Digitek Network who is the biggest MSO of Rajasthan will act as a stimulant for Divine Stream in terms of Digitalization, content acquisition and technology upgrade.”

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