Policybazaar.com to allocate 28-30% of marketing spends towards cricket

MUMBAI: The 2019 summer has a Cricket heavy season with the cash rich T20 league the IPL and the cricket World Cup taking place back to back on Star Sports. Some brands have a presence on both events. One of them is Policybazaar.com which has allocated 28-30% of its marketing spends towards Cricket.

“An increase of 30% is expected in our overall marketing spends, out of which 28-30% will be allocated towards cricket,” Policybazaar.com group of companies head of marketing Sai Narayan tells TelevisionPost.com.

He noted that the ICC Cricket World Cup is like a carnival for the Indian audience. It also draws maximum eyeballs as people get emotionally attached with the respective countries and players they support. Policybazaar.com is looking forward to leverage the scale of this tournament by way of advertising.

“Also, a tournament of such scale attracts a crowd from all the demographic sections of the society which is a perfect fit for the brand. The massive scale of the platform with wide viewership makes it an important component of our overall marketing campaign,” Narayan said.

He noted that the brand will be present throughout the World Cup tournament by way of advertising. At the same time though the amplification will be done to other genres as well for an overall presence. “While the share of cricket spends will increase, we will continue to invest in other genres as well.”

When asked if the World Cup is at a disadvantage in terms of people only watching India matches compared to the IPL where all matches are being watched, he replied in the negative.

“Not really, as the World Cup is a global cricket tournament and India being a cricket crazy nation follows it quite passionately. The people are in love with the sport and are interested to watch matches and players. Many die-hard fans support and watch matches between other teams as well,” he stated.

“Though, the interest amplifies when the match involves India. Viewers’ interest is vested in other teams as well who are competing against India and are constantly following the points table for the rankings. Thus, making the World Cup an ideal platform for the advertisers.”

When asked about the challenge of standing out in a cluttered ad environment he said that getting the right creative cut which resonates with the audience is what makes his company stand out amongst the pool of advertisers.

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