PFT’s brand services div has evolved into a one-stop video agency: Bhaskar Sitholey

MUMBAI: Prime Focus Technologies‘ (PFT) brand services division has evolved into a one-stop video agency, a top company official has said. PFT’s Content Studio was set up two years ago to focus on creating long-form content for broadcasters, OTT platforms, and brands.

Prime Focus Technologies Senior Vice President – Creative Services Bhaskar Sitholey said that the brand services division eliminates the need for brands to work with multiple vendors and help them build themselves as digital content destinations.

PFT's brand services div has evolved into a one-stop video agency: Bhaskar Sitholey“As part of the Prime Focus Group, PFT has a strong post-production legacy and over two decades of experience of working with brands. We have now evolved into a one-stop video agency, providing 360-degree creative solutions to some of the world’s leading brands,” he said.

Sitholey further stated that the company’s unique mix of media & technology skills sets it apart from the competition. “Not only do we create addictive content that helps brands build customer loyalty, we also provide cloud technology to review, manage, and distribute content seamlessly.”

The brand services is a high focus division of PFT and is is one of the fastest growing verticals of the company. PFT’s brand services division’s range of services include cutting edge content creation (videos & statics), production and post-production services.

“We create all kinds of videos from brand to product to corporate. Right from award-winning promos to stunning video catalogues to riveting TVCs starring A-list celebrities – we do it all! On the post production front, we offer DI, VFX, Content Localization, Animation, Rotoscopy, Versioning, Audio and Animatics/Narramatics services among others,” Sitholey said.

“In addition, we offer Interact, a one-of-a-kind Online Video Platform that enables the delivery of personalised and interactive videos to help brands improve ROI. On the distribution front, we offer spot distribution services. Our proprietary solution, CLEAR Express performs electronic delivery of TV commercials with high speed, watertight security, and lowest rejection rate.”

The division has worked with more than 300 leading global brands, in addition to serving some of the world’s biggest broadcasters, studios and streaming platforms.

“In the last few years, our brands services division has sustained double-digit growth. We’ve onboarded several new clients and augmented the scope of our engagement with existing clients,” he noted.

Asked about the impact of economic slowdown, Sitholey stated that the division has not felt the impact as it had annual deals with several clients. “Though we did see a reduction in demand from some sectors, most brands have continued to invest in tactical communication. Also, we have annuity-based relationships with several clients, so we have not felt a major impact.”

He is optimistic about the growth in the second of the fiscal 2019-20. “We have a pretty optimistic outlook, especially for the festive season and Q4. We’re confident that brands will continue to focus on putting out clutter-breaking communication that helps them connect with consumers at a deep, fulfilling level.”

The company’s strategy going forward is to grow the brands side of the business. “While our broadcast & OTT footprint has been firmly established, growing the brands side of our business will be one of our key focus areas in the new fiscal year. We’ll focus on crafting innovative genre and platform-agnostic content, using transmedia content strategies and leveraging a techno-creative approach to enable recurring ROI for customers,” Sitholey stated.

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