People to spend more time online than watching TV in 2019: LinkedIn report

MUMBAI: LinkedIn the world’s largest professional network, has launched its annual forecasts report titled, ‘Big Ideas’. The report weighs in 30 top predictions and conversations which are likely to define 2019 across business practices and topics such as technology, geopolitics, environment, and digitisation.

These ideas include contributions from LinkedIn Influencers and Top Voice honorees.

Big Ideas also aggregates some interesting A&M trends that we would like to share with you for your perusal and necessary action:

  • We are finally going to spend more time online than watching TV – Around the world, people will start spending more hours a day on the Internet than watching television
  • For respite, we will turn to inspirational commerce – Health and wellness influencers exhausted themselves, are shifting their models to building supportive communities and connecting their fans to each other, rather than amassing a large number of one-way followers
  • We will stop living an Insta life – As people question their screen addiction, the impacts are felt in all walks of life, from dinners where guests demand the phones to be put away to changing trends in the beauty industry
  • The future of online is offline. And vice versa – The Amazon v/s Flipkart rivalry could play out at a storefront near you and that would compel more mom-and-pop stores to reinvent themselves with digital payments, e-billing and loyalty programmes
  • Content creation will move beyond studios – Advanced camera technologies and machine learning are at a scale where user-generated content won’t just compete but even surpass professionally generated content