Ortel offices in Berhampur re-opened following High Court order

MUMBAI: The Berhampur offices of multi system operator (MSO) Ortel Communications has been re-opened following the Orissa High Court order to re-open the offices.

The two offices of Ortel in Berhampur were sealed by the administration for alleged violation of fire safety norms and trade licence.

“The Orissa High Court order on Thursday issued a direction to open the office. Based on that order and a letter issued by Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) we reopened the offices,” said Ortel Communications Legal Advisor Rajendra Kumar Das.

The Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) commissioner and the sub-collector of the district had sealed the two offices of Ortel over non-renewal of municipal corporation’s trade license, non-payment of electricity bill and violation of fire safety norms.

The MSO challenged the decision in the High Court, which directed the administration to reopen the offices.

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