Opera Ads releases new ad units to help brands increase engagement, maximise performance

Opera Ads releases new ad units to help brands increase engagement, maximise performanceMUMBAI: Opera Ads an online advertising platform recently announced the addition of new ad units that aim to help advertisers increase engagement with their target audiences and maximise the performance of their online campaigns.

In traditional online advertising, marketers tend to redirect users to a landing page where they need to navigate a number of clicks to reach a call-to-action button for what they need, such as contact information, online chats, or just the phone number of a business.

Unfortunately, these action buttons are often not integrated with apps or phone functions, forcing the user to copy and paste numbers and email addresses or memorise a phone number and a code to be able to complete the desired action.

The company said that the new ad units in Opera Ads are seamlessly integrated with apps and smartphone functionalities, removing the amount of clicks needed and improving the experience of both the advertiser and the user. This means that people no longer need to remember phone numbers or copy and paste email addresses or annoying codes to get the information or service they need.

These ad units are automatically integrated with popular services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and allow interaction through formats like USSD, SMS messaging, or via phone calls.

Opera Ads is changing the digital landscape of mobile advertisement within Opera’s key markets. The new ad units are unique to the mobile ad ecosystem, and provide access to Opera’s massive user base of more than 350 million users,” said Opera VP of Global Business Development Per Wetterdal.

Expanding beyond browsers: Opera has set new growth plans worldwide by expanding its product portfolio beyond mobile applications and introducing new innovative online marketing platforms such as Opera Ads, OLeads and OList. With this strategy, Opera plans to maximize the online visibility of millions of businesses and continue the expansion of its online marketing platforms worldwide.

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