One Take Media acquires rights to animation show ‘Detective Meow’

MUMBAI: One Take Media Co (OTMC) has acquired the rights to animation series ‘Detective Meow’ for South Asia. The 2018 production comprises of 146 episodes of 13 minutes each.

Detective Meow is based on events at a circus in a small town full of joy. The circus established a detective agency led by Detective Meow, which helps people solve various problems. The emergence of the circus attracts the attention of Dr. Oolong, who is a small-minded and vicious person. He hatches conspiracies to move the circus out of the town. The brave ‘Detective Meow’ faces a lot of difficulties with his friends-Piggy Pea and Parrot Q.

OTMC co-founder & CEO Anil Khera said, “Reading mystery novels has always been an important part of our childhood days. We are sure that kids will thoroughly enjoy this Spy Cat show called ‘Detective Meow’ and will relate to the mysteries involved. Soon Detective Meow will become a part of every Childs daily entertainment dose and they would not want to miss a single episode.”

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