ONE GigaFiber enables 120+ Ganpati Pandals in Mumbai with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook

MUMBAI: ONEOTT Intertainment Ltd (OIL), Hinduja’s foray into Telecom and Internet services in partnership with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook, is providing Free Wi-Fi to devotees across Mumbai with a seamless and hassle-free internet connectivity experience.

This service is available in over 120+ Ganpati Pandals including iconic locations such as Lalbaug cha Raja, Girgaum cha Raja, Ganesh Galli, among others. OIL has been actively involved in providing Public Wi-Fi Services with a special focus on Ganeshotsav, where they have been providing Free Wi-Fi and internet access to devotees since 2016, under the brand name ‘AamchaNet’.

The landmark service has seen close to half a million users since its inception, connecting devotees across Mumbai from the first day of the festival till Visarjan, where Free Wi-Fi access is also available at the most popular Visarjan sites including Girgaum Chowpatty.

OIL CEO Yugal Sharma said, “In the fourth year of providing Public Wi-Fi services during Ganeshotsav, it was amazing to see organizers coming to us directly and asking about enabling their pandals with high-speed Wi-Fi. This year, we will be enabling 6 times the pandals and locations that we covered in the first year of launching “AamchaNet”. And now with ONE Express Wi-Fi by Facebook, OIL’s ambitious plans for providing Public Wi-Fi access have been solidified and we are looking forward to a successful partnership.”

To access the service, devotees need to connect to “ONE Express Wi-Fi by Facebook” in the available networks on their devices. By entering their Mobile numbers and verifying the One Time Password (OTP), people can gain access to unlimited data powered by ONE GigaFiber’s high-speed connectivity.

Express Wi-Fi by Facebook partners with an expanding ecosystem of mobile network operators and internet service providers to help them better provide fast, affordable, reliable, and scalable internet access. Express Wi-Fi by Facebook is live in 9 countries in Asia and Africa delivering great Wi-Fi to people when and where’s it needed.

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