OML curates 25 hours of original content for Zomato’s video service

MUMBAI: Online food delivery platform Zomato has partnered with OML to curate original content for its new video tab that launched on 16th September.

With over 200+ hours of OTT content under their belt including shows like ‘Comicstaan’ and ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’, OML has partnered with Zomato to curate 18 new shows under the title Zomato Originals and has collated over 1500 minutes of content for the platform which include recipe features and food tips from chef Sanjeev Kapoor and sneak peeks into some of the best chefs and best restaurants in India.

Episodes of the shows curated are bite-sized, between three and 15 minutes and available in both English and Hindi, with new content being added every few weeks. Some of the shows are being shot in a vertical format to test what works for the mobile-first audience.

Six of the originals including ‘Starry Meals with Janice’, ‘Grand Master Chef’, and ‘Dude Where’s the Food’ have already been launched on the app with more shows like ‘5.0 Kitchens’, ‘Eat Like A Girl’ in the pipeline. In addition, another 200 minutes of curated content including Recipe videos from Sanjeev Kapoor and Om Nom Nom as well as fun food trial videos from Ok Tested are coming up.

While all the shows have been created with a primary focus on food, they include many additional flavours, be it comedy, reality, fiction, advice or celebrity interviews, so that no matter the audience they find a show that suits their palate.

“Zomato is a one-stop destination for food-lovers across India – and with a 50 odd million subscriber base, one of the largest and most compelling audience bases for any content creator to be in front of. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to collaborate with them on putting together their first content slate across genres, languages and lengths. The aim of these videos was to further engage the very diverse audience sets on the app and also represent the different use cases of the app – be it restaurant look-ups, delivery, bookings, reviews or now the very snack-able content, so that they keep coming back for more,” said OML managing partner Gunjan Arya.

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