Novex secures injunction against 37 hotels from Madras HC

MUMBAI: Music rights company Novex Communications has secured an injunction from the Madras High Court restraining 37 leading hotels in Tamil Nadu from playing copyrighted music, without obtaining permission from the company.

The HC order will throw the New Year Party plans of several hotels, who play popular music without authorisation, into disarray. Novex had moved the Madras HC after it came to know about the violations by a number of hotel establishments.

Novex Director Miket Kanakia said, “In view of repeated violations and the fact that hotels are commercially exploiting our music by charging huge amounts to the guests for New Year Parties. We moved the Madras High Court seeking an Injunction restraining them from playing our copyrighted Music without approval. The Hon’ble High Court was satisfied with our contentions, and has granted the Injunction as sought for.”

He further stated that any event conducted at public places including hotels, resorts, malls, retail stores, pubs, and restaurants need to pay for the use of the music catalogue being managed by Novex. Any establishment that plays Novex music without authorisation will be violating the Copyright Act.

Under the Copyright Act, it is a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment and it can also incur a suit for damages. Additionally, it will also invite contempt of court action in the light of the injunction granted by the HC.

Novex Communications is a well-renowned name in Anti-Piracy, Copyrights and Public Performance Rights. It is India’s leading music aggregator for on-ground rights and ensures suitable rights fees to the music labels.

It has the rights of Yashraj Films, Tips Industries, Eros and Zee Music labels. Additionally, Novex has also tied-up with South Indian film music label Think Music. The partnership will allow Novex to collect royalties for the use of Think’s entire Tamil music library, for all on-ground events and performances.

“The addition of the Think Music library will consolidate our music offering for the Tamil Nadu market. We are happy to bring the topmost quality music to music lovers of Tamil Nadu. We will ensure appropriate monetization of these rights, so that these revenues can flow back to every part of the value chain,” Miket stated.

Think Music is the leading Tamil Music label with popular superhit such as Gulebaghavali, Neruppu Da, Seemarajaand KadhaleKadhale It is expected that Hotels will now follow the law and take the relevant authorisations, otherwise they will be exposing themselves to Contempt of Court action.