Nickelodeon spreads awareness about bullying in schools

MUMBAI: Kids channel Nickelodeon’s ‘Together for Good’ campaign has dedicated October to spread awareness about the issue of bullying in schools. October also happens to the the Anti Bullying month.

The channel will educate people about what constitutes bullying and what action kids should take to avoid the same.

A study done by Punjab University’s department of psychology, stated that a staggering 77% of school children in India reported being a victim of online or offline bullying, compared to 50% in the UK and 65% in France.

Children being bullied in their formative years is a very grave issue that often tends to affect their mental health. If left unattended, the effects can damage the overall abilities of the child for the rest of his/ her life.

With the help of its digital and social media reach, the channel aims to encourage children to speak up and talk to their parents or mentors if they were or are being bullied. The campaign is curated with interactive pictures where Super kid Shiva champions how to stand up against bullying in different environments. Daaduji – our newest IP also gives out lessons of how bullying can be curbed and creating a safe environment for kids.

The ‘Together For Good’ campaign was introduced earlier this year with the thought of ‘Say No to Fear and Yes to Safety’, reaching out to 40 million viewers with friendly yet informative videos. This initiative has received heaps of praises from the media fraternity, industry honchos, Bollywood and TV celebrities who’ve also spoken against bullying and promoting child safety.