Netflix saw 83% increase in price search volume following launch of Rs 199 mobile-only plan

MUMBAI: Video streaming service Netflix saw an 83% increase in price search volume between June 2019 and July 2019 after the announcement of its India-specific mobile-only subscription plan for India priced at Rs 199/month.

According to a case study bu SEMrush, Netflix subscription is the most searched keyword in the time duration from Jan 2018 to July 2019. SEMrush, the online visibility management and content marketing SaaS Platform, recently conducted data analysis on three most trending media services in India – Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Tata Sky.

The case study revealed amazingly interesting facts regarding the growth of traffic from different devices and an increase in the search volume. Besides, Amazon Prime Subscription stands as the second most searched keyword with an average search volume of 6,878.9.

On the other hand, Tata Sky’s app has the highest searched volume of 44,826 during the same time duration. Tata Sky has the smallest traffic volume, but it has shown a tremendous year-on-year growth counting to 293%. Wherein, Netflix witnessed a 146% growth in its traffic volume after Tata Sky. Interestingly, Amazon Prime enjoys the biggest traffic volume from India, but its year-on-year growth is merely 70%.

The desktop traffic to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in July was 11,138,893 and 13,593,504 respectively. Both the media services have grown by 36% in July 2019 as compared to the previous month. Netflix shows the biggest growth of mobile traffic (15.6%) between June 2019 and July 2019, after it announced its new subscription plan, however, Tata Sky and Amazon still are bigger in numbers of mobile device traffic counting to 7,537,672 and 12,290,142 respectively as compared to Netflix’s traffic count 6,244,056.

“Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Tata Sky are the new age media services which are giving tough competition to each other. All three of these media services are significantly attracting Indian audiences for the subscription with interesting packages. The data revealed in the study is self-explanatory for their accelerating popularity amongst viewers. According to this case study by SEMrush, Indian audiences are inclining more towards Netflix’s subscription in the last couple of months, all credits to its interesting subscription plan,” said SEMrush international market Fernando Angulo.

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