National Geographic to air documentary on India’s Tiger Census

MUMBAI: Home to 70% of the world’s tiger population, India is looking to turn the needle on the global tiger count via various conservation efforts. National Geographic, in its commitment towards conservation, announces its upcoming documentary ‘Counting Tigers’ which closely follows India’s Tiger Census and gives viewers access to the operations behind this exercise. It airs on 7th August at 8 pm on National Geographic and Hotstar.

The documentary showcases the efforts of officers and forest guards involved in the process of tracking and counting tigers, including the never before in-depth tiger profiling. It also encapsulates the use of advanced technology and efficacious methods deployed in order to up the ante on the accuracy of this Tiger Census. Interesting to know that nearly 15,000 camera traps were used for capturing tiger images and recording their unique stripe pattern with the help of dedicated software.

National Geographic, through this documentary, elaborates on the current habitat and situation of tigers in India. It celebrates those officials and biologists who have taken the responsibility to conserve the tiger population and work round the clock to ensure so.

Commenting on the announcement, a Nat Geo spokesperson said, “As the world battles to save its most charismatic animal, ‘Counting Tigers’ showcases the intricacies of monitoring and tracking tigers and deep dives into the existing challenges that are a threat to the tiger population. Through this film, for the first time, viewers will get to understand how the Indian jungles are positively impacting the global tiger population. We are delighted to be a part of this year’s census estimation and to be able to share this incredible story with every viewer.”

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