Nagra’s CAS/DRM, TVkey Cloud solutions to be supported by Novatek TV chipsets

MUMBAI: Content protection solutions provider Nagra has said that Novatek’s next-generation TV chipsets will natively support both Nagra Connect and TVkey Cloud.

In a first phase, Novatek will use a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) based device security framework to support Nagra Connect, the award-winning converged CAS/DRM solution for connected set-top boxes and smart televisions, protecting broadcast, IPTV and operator-controlled OTT.

In a next phase and as part of its 2020 silicon roadmap, Novatek will additionally onboard silicon support for TVkey Cloud, the next generation Enhanced Content Protection for Smart TVs equipped with market-proven TVkey hardware-based root of trust.

Nagra Connect and TVkey Cloud are managed from the Nagra Cloud.SSP Security-as-a-Service platform enabling a wide range of broadcast, IPTV and OTT service models.

“The collaboration with Nagra is a great partnership as it enables Novatek to provide a robust security solution. We look forward to working closely with Nagra and shortening development cycle for TV brands to launch premium pay-TV services,” said Novatek Senior Vice President J.H. Chang.

“The Smart TV keeps gaining traction as a preferred device for media entertainment. With our portfolio of direct-to-TV content protection solutions, we offer both consumers and service providers a cost-optimised path to a premium and convenient service,” said Nagra SVP Content and Asset Security Maurice Van Riek.

“We are pleased to welcome Novatek to our Smart TV solution portfolio. This marks an important step in growing the ecosystem of TV manufacturers that enable TV enjoyment directly on the smart TV without additional hardware.”

Jointly defined by Nagra and Samsung, TVkey Cloud leverages the increased availability of internet-connected Smart TVs to combine the security capabilities of the TVkey embedded hardware in the TV with sophisticated security management systems in the cloud.

TVkey Cloud enabled Smart TVs allow consumers to immediately access premium broadcast content on their new Smart TVs through a TV app with the ease of access as the established OTT service providers.

TVkey Cloud is open to a wide ecosystem of industry players, including conditional access vendors and TV manufacturers, and complies with MovieLabs requirements for Enhanced Content Protection of 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and early release content.

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