MY FM to launch science fiction show 2100 AD

MUMBAI: FM radio station MY FM is launching a science fiction show ‘2100 AD’. The drama show is based in the year 2100 AD.

Speaking about the new show, MY FM chief programming officer Viplove Gupte said, “Like any science fiction show, there is a bit of a story behind it. DC Shekhar, the author of the stories, shared a unique discovery with us some time back. So far the mankind is known for using Sun as the direction for all travellers but he explained the concept of using the moon as the direction for travellers and especially sailors.

“It was quite a unique thought and one thought led to another thought and we ended up with the germ of 2100 AD. A man who has died is brought back to life in another person’s body in future with the help of technology available. The entire journey and experience of this person are what 2100 AD is about.”

Commenting on the initiative, MY FM business head Rahul Namjoshi said, “Our attempt is to bring unique and engaging content for the listeners. This show will open up the new genre of content for radio.”

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