Mukta Arts partners Rome-based Navala Production to co-produce film based on Osho

MUMBAI: Subhash Ghai-promoted Mukta Arts has tied up with Rome-based Navala Production to co-produce a film on the life of the controversial mystic Osho.

The film was announced in Cannes yesterday with Subhash Ghai coming aboard the Indo-Italian venture as creative advisor, veteran writer Kamlesh Pandey as consulting screenwriter and Lakshen Sucameli as writer-director.

The film is titled ‘Osho: Lord of the Full Moon’ and the focus is on Osho, the man, and his story in full. He proposed alternative rules for living and self-improvement which over-rose conventional religions. His 600 books remain hugely popular best—sellers, and he was recently the subject of 6—part Netflix Original documentary series “Wild, Wild Country.”

The narrative film will contain action from the time that India gained independence from British colonial rule, as well as more poetic flashbacks. Besides Osho, the other main character of the film is a female TV journalist who puts her career at stake trying to discover if the guru is a conman or an enlightened genius. Answering this question will change her life.

Guido de Laurentiis is set as line producer. Director of photography is Fabio Cianchetti (“Roberto Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers,” Roberto Benigni’s “The Tiger and the Snow,” and Abel Ferrara’s “Go Go Tales”) Casting and the choice of international sales company are to be announced within the next month.