MSO Meghbela partners with MyBox to bring Amazon Alexa to its STBs

MUMBAI: Multi system operator (MSO) Meghbela Digital has partnered with MyBox Technologies to bring Amazon Alexa to its set top boxes (STBs). MyBox has developed an Alexa kit for STBs that will enable Meghbela Digital customers to voice-control their TV and home through Alexa.

Existing customers of Meghbela Digital can just plug in the MyBox Alexa Kit to their existing MyBox set-top-box to access Alexa on their STBs. Customers can purchase these kits from their local cable operator at affordable prices.

The kit comprises of a push-to-talk Bluetooth remote and a USB hub integrated with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth dongle. Customers can simply push-to-talk to Alexa from the mic button on the remote. The kit will allow them to voice-control their TV to change the channel or adjust the volume.

The kit will also enable customers to access thousands of Alexa skills and features ranging from checking the weather, answering questions, viewing recipes, listening to music, booking cabs or even, ordering food. In addition, customers can also control their smart home appliances with simple voice commands. This voice-first experience will be complemented with visual display cards on the TV screen.

Meghbela Digital Directors Tapabrata Mukherjee & Indranil Bhattacharya said, “We are excited about our STBs being integrated with Amazon Alexa. This will open a new opportunity for our partners and also enhance the TV viewing experience of our customers multiple fold. We are happy to be associated with Mybox Technologies and thank them for choosing to partner with us for the launch.”

MyBox Technologies MD Amit Kharbanda said, “We are in a rapidly evolving digital age where smart, connected and advanced home entertainment devices are being progressively adopted by people. We at MyBox, are leading the smart entertainment convergence using new age technology. Adding support for Alexa in STBs is the first step towards technology convergence. We are delighted to launch this service for the customers of Meghbela Digital, which will be among the few MSO in India to launch Amazon Alexa in an STB.”

“Our vision is for Alexa to be everywhere that customers want to interact with her. We simplify building voice-forward devices with Alexa built-in by providing hardware manufacturers with the support of Alexa Voice Service (AVS) APIs, hardware kits, software tools, and documentation,” said Amazon India Country Manager, Alexa Skills and Voice Services Dilip RS.

“The MyBox Alexa Kit will bring the most popular Alexa capabilities and access to over 30,000 skills to Meghbela customers. We hope that customers will enjoy the ease of using voice commands for TV viewing, accessing information and controlling their smart home through Alexa.”

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